Seattle Giant Wheel Construction

Ever since Fun Forest (which was debatably fun, and plainly not a forest) left, Seattle has been a little barren as far as amusement rides go. Fortunately, there is a new ride coming in – and it will even be on the downtown waterfront. At a planned 175 feet, the Ferris Wheel on Pier 57 will be a big one, and it should provide some incredible views – especially when it isn’t raining.

I caught some pictures of the construction recently, and while it’s not vertical yet, there was clear activity, with workers and cranes onsite. It will be fun to see this come together over the following weeks and watch residents start to realize what’s rising from the construction zone. The wheel will be positioned sensibly, too, near the existing carousel.

Still no sign of the Ferris Wheel planned for Seattle Center, the area near the Space Needle. Given the lack of news after this article, which warned that it might not come, I think it’s safe to assume it’s been canceled.

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